1. EVANGELISM/MISSIONS– Our supreme task is evangelism and missions. Our strategy is house to house, tracts distribution, streets & market preaching and open air crusades reaching out to many in Ghana and Africa.  We create mission awareness in churches, communities and encourage interested missionaries to join this world evangelization and missions.
  2. CAMPUS MINISTRY – Schools & Colleges campus ministry is our way of catching young people for Christ.  We give guidance and direction to young people through Carrier Counseling programs and Campus revival meetings.
  3. EDUCATION– Illiteracy is a serious disease and its eradication will empower people to improve their personal living conditions and help transform their communities.  Apart from the church Sunday school we have started a pre-school up to the 3 grade. We need funds and partners to help us complete the primary school, and other vocational schools including a Bible school, Christian Administration & Management School and a Nursing Training School to meet the great need for nurses and health workers.
  4. MOBILE BIBLE TRAINING SCHOOL– Due to low income and financial constrains most Pastors in rural towns (countryside), are not do not have proper Bible School/Theological training. Many are not able to purchase Study Bibles with concordances & cross references for their studies. Our vision is to take the Bible School to the People.  Our facilitators are trained to equip these pastors with proper understanding of the Bible especially with the Hebrew and Greek context for effective ministry.
  5. AUDIO/VISUAL– This ministry is a powerful tool in reaching out to the unreached and the unchurched with the Jesus Film and other gospel movies.
  6. HUMANITARIAN– This is a burden to provide humanitarian services alongside the preaching of the gospel to meet the great need in most of the third world countries.  We need funds and partners to help us provide clean drinking water, shelters for orphans & homeless, food for the hungry, and clothing to the naked just as Jesus met both the spiritual and physical needs of his followers.  The deplorable poor condition of drinking water and water borne diseases are associated with diseases like Guinea Worm, Cholera, River Blindness, and Ringworm will continue to kill people in Africa especially children if the need is not addressed.
  7. HEALTH CARE – We need partners to help us jump-start our vision of Mobile Clinic to provide medical services for those who cannot afford to meet the needs of people in the hinterlands and jungles to address problems like maternal and child care because many mothers die during childbirth or delivery in many villages.  Many Africans are faced with many health problems, especially infectious diseases and water borne diseases, which kill children daily.
  8. SPIRITUAL & PASTORAL CARE – The extended family ties in Africa is a great ministry door and opportunity for counseling because many people listen to wrong and inexperience people for advice in times of crisis and difficult times.  GIC provides an effective 21stCentury Christ-Centered Creative Biblical Counseling, Pastoral and Spiritual Care to minister to the needs of people.
  9. FAMILY LIFE – A loving welcoming family-caring Pre-marital, Marriage and Post Marriage Family Counseling is our way of ministering to hurting people to preserve the institution of marriage.


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